Christine’s Advice on College

Opening Act alum and digital mentor Christine Pluviose speaks out about her journey after graduation and the steps she took to pursue her dreams.

Thoughts? Questions? Comment below to hear from Christine herself!


    • Hi Onyx,

      Budgeting and saving are my go to methods as far as managing my funds. Whenever I get any flow of income no matter what I take out a certain amount just for savings alone. I don’t even acknowledge that money exist unless there is an emergency. As far as budgeting goes I plan out my expenses. Things like paying for a book for class or setting aside money for my favorite food joint. Also learning to say no whenever you’re invited out helps with the pockets too. When I was looking for scholarships I used my guidance counselors, mentors, and google to help me with that. I’ve used a couple times, try your luck with them!



    • Hi Keith,

      How I handle my stress with college is making sure I set out a time in the day that’s only for me. It can be 15 mins, an hour, or even an entire day if you really need it. You can use that time to meditate, listen to music, watch your favorite show you’ve been meaning to catch up on, or draw a picture. It doesn’t matter what you do with that time just as long as it helps you decompress. Even college students deserve a break. I also find comfort in talking to someone when the stress can feel like a lot. It’s best not to keep how you’re feeling bottled in because that can make the stress worse sometimes. That person can be a friend, family member, or even a professor that you feel you can trust especially if the stress is effecting how you perform in school.

      Overall message: Decompress and Talk It Out.

      You can do it! The semester is almost done.



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